We've gotten used to the fact that most talk shows today are scripted, boring vanity fairs, devoid of any and all humor. Still, whenever you think television has reached its bottom, a new cringe-inducing episode of this or that show airs, and you can't help but stare at the screen, feeling embarrassed for the people you're watching. Hillary Clinton's latest appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" will be remembered as one of the most embarrassing displays of vanity and narcissism in the history of television.

'What Happened' — she happened

"What Happened" is the title of Hillary's election memoir, but the book may as well been titled "I Did Nothing Wrong." That would be a lot more accurate, and that is, essentially, what this pathetic episode of "the late show with stephen colbert" was about.

Hillary Clinton has not learned her lesson. She has managed to come across as the typical, narcissistic politician, completely lacking in morals and incapable of taking responsibility. She blames everyone but herself for losing the election: the people, the Russians, sexism, the media —whatever. Clinton will point her finger at anyone and anything except, of course, herself.

Stephen Colbert made sure to suck up to Clinton more than anyone thought was humanly possible and never challenged a word she said in an attempt to aide her in blaming anyone but herself.

Have they no shame? It definitely seems to be that way. And while this revolting episode of the show may fill the viewers at home with anger and disgust, the audience present embarrassingly moaned, groaned, cheered, and laughed at most of what the host and his guest said. One can only hope they were handsomely paid for it.

If you like cringe comedy and "so unfunny that it's actually funny" type of humor, you may find this episode of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" hilariously sad and somewhat entertaining.

Hillary and Stephen were both dead serious in their assertions though. That much is obvious.

More lies

Apart from coming across as an unlikable narcissist, Clinton managed to tell a few lies, as she usually does, mentioning the recent case of Russian Facebook ads, distorting the truth, and spinning the entire story into what she would like the public to think happened.

Of course, she couldn't resist implying that most Americans are disgusted with her, as a person and as a politician, because she is a woman.

If your face muscles need exercise, because you will inevitably cringe like never before, feel free to watch the entire thing. It's up on YouTube. But if you'd rather preserve your mental health, just ignore her and Colbert and hope they fade away.