I have written before that I believed Donald Trump to be a malignant narcissist. And following Hurricane Harvey everyone was, once again, given a clear and concise demonstration of how a malignant narcissist responds to “other people” suffering. Apparently, the only thing that matters to someone with a narcissistic personality disorder is themselves and being seen and worshipped. Something they often feel is occurring even when it is clearly not the case.

Sandra Bullock and Mike Pence are doing diplomacy better. Trump won’t stand for it.

Everything Donald did following Hurricane Harvey was textbook narcissism.

At first he arrived in Houston,Texas dressed like he was golfing in Las Vegas. He then proceeded to address the crowd, “What a crowd! What a turnout!” It was as if they all paid admission just to see Donald Trump in Las Vegas!! The pictures that flooded the internet were of Donald looking like his own special choo choo train or boat captain. He had his wife ‘in tow’, as usual, looking more like a Russian/Ukrainian prostitute than an American first lady, complete with five inch stiletto shoes.

When Sandra Bullock generously donated a million dollars to flood relief before Donald, that malignant narcissism would not allow him to be shown up, so he donated a million, “of his own money." As if the entire world could not see him clumsily trying to photobomb Hurricane Harvey!

This is typical Narcissistic Personality Disorder behavior. He really doesn’t seem to know or care what anyone else thinks. He’s play acting, and poorly. Poorly because he is evidently not intelligent enough to at least mimic human behavior correctly.

When we all saw Mike Pence behaving exactly as we would hope and expect a President and/or a Vice President would; helping flood victims and lending encouragement, I’m sure that every thinking human being automatically prepared for Trumps typical narcissistic response to having the spotlight stolen.

And sure enough, he made immediate plants to kiss babies. And when he finally arrived at the clean up he was seen haphazardly picking up something and moving it somewhere else. Not going to be getting dirty!! Not The Donald!

A President with a mental disorder

Once we called famous glory hounds narcissist and it had a different meaning.

Now we have what is called narcissistic personality disorder. Many can be considered narcissistic without needing to be diagnosed as NPD. It becomes a disorder and a problem for the rest of us, when those charismatic qualities are spoiled by aggression and lack of perfectionism.

Again, we have safeguards in place that are designed to deal with a President when that President becomes incapable of adequately performing the job. It is not just about his ability to perform presidential duties. People need to have confidence in their President. If a President is shot in the head and, though still alive, is unable to perform his duties or to still appear strong and capable to Americans, then that becomes ‘a threat to national security,' as they say.

That’s what I think the safeguards were designed for.

But now we have a President who, though physically capable, does not appear to be mentally so. There is something inherently more dangerous in a President, with command authority and key codes, who is mentally unfit as opposed to being simply physically unable to perform his duties. Everyone knows this is true, just like everyone knows North Korea, and it’s mental disorder, needs to be dealt with. And yet the madness continues altogether unchecked.