Tj Ward has signed with the Bucs on a short deal, and they are quietly getting better with every little move they make. The Bucs are a dangerous team that has a lot of younger players and a few veterans. The Broncos sent him off as a cap casualty, and now it he is helping a team in Tampa that could use as much help on the defense as they can get. That is not only exciting, but it makes the hardest division in football that much harder.

Why Ward?

Because he was there. The Bucs needed to have as many added pieces come onto their roster as possible, and they knew that certain people would be floating out there looking for a deal.

They will happily pay for Ward to play for them because they know that he can help them much more than anyone else can. They know that he can make a difference, and they know that he could become one of those cornerstone defensive players that is still with them a decade from now. Building a team that will last for decades at a time is the goal of any good franchise, and this team is clearly being put together in a way that makes sense from every angle.

Why defense?

Because they flipped their team around when they drafted Jameis Winston. They became more of an offensive team, and they have Dirk Koetter running their team from an offensive perspective. He is the play caller that will help Winston play well for over a decade, and they have focused so much on offense that they needed to do a little work on their defense.

How good are they?

Better than you think. The Bucs are very good, and they are so good that I would be concerned if I were the Falcons. If you are a Falcons fan, do not come in the comments and say that I said the Falcons are terrible. I only said that the Bucs are better than you think. They are good enough to compete with the Falcons for the Nfc South, and they could score more than you thought.

There is no reason to believe that they cannot give everyone in the conference a scare considering there is no overwhelming favorite in this conference.

The logjam is interesting

The logjam of talent in the NFC South makes the conference more interesting because everyone who loves an NFC team has to look at this division and wonder if iron will sharpen iron.

These teams might beat the heck out of each other all season, and they might make themselves so good that it will be hard to beat them in the playoffs. You will be shocked if the best team in this division is 10-6 because those were 6 hard losses. I want to see the results because they could favor the Bucs.