For months the halls of the Trump White House has been festering with #MAGAts, Trump devotees who serve with a public disdain for Washington's elite. That disdain became an ecosystem that fed the President's agenda to rot the government from the inside out.

The effort also created a more chaotic presidency with scandals and controversy piling up at the door and yet offered plenty of career opportunities for the "worst of the worst to go work at the White House

That was until Gen. John Kelly stepped in as the President's new chief of staff to fix it all.

As a result, August was the month that Kelly reduced the White House to a skeleton crew to not only focus on carrying out the President's agenda but to influence President Trump with insight from vetted sources that could be taken seriously.

From extremism to vetted agendas

But the damage left over from the chaos at the White House has been done. A new and more stripped down White House that will now be tested against Congress as they return to Washington. Even with a "new" White House, however, no one seems to be lining up to find work at the White House. As reported, Gen. Kelly's policy-making system has taken over a role that Trump created for the administration; that of chief strategist.

That position was originally created for and held by Steve Bannon who led a faction of right-wing extremists to influence the President with unrealistic and highly controversial agendas.

An example of this would be when Bannon wanted to overthrow the Iran regime. Another one of his ideas was to bring in former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince and his team of mercenaries to replace U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

According to one report by Politico titled: "Trump's shrinking West Wing", Kelly's strict process is said to be one of the three reasons as to why many positions in the White House had not been filled yet.

The other two reasons are said to be the five pending investigations looming over the President for collusion with Russian officials, and the President's own "dark mood" over the Summer which officials say is the President's worst yet. It's already been quite obvious to most that the President is beyond difficult to work for, almost impossible to manage and that working for him can now come with a bad reputation.

Trump has 'burned his bridges'

Clearly, no one is interested in taking on that kind of capital. Only those who are invested in building up controversy, such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is said to be interested in taking a job at the White House. His interest was mentioned by "Christie insiders" according to the Politico report.

But, it's likely that with Christie's reputation, chief of staff John Kelly does not want to bring in another incendiary and confrontational figure into the White House. The article also pointed out that there weren't many Republicans behind Christie who would like to take any position in the administration. From the beginning of his presidency, the President has taken to Twitter and to the podium at his rallies to attack Republicans who are not submitting to his demands, one of the reasons for why there are also no takers.