Aaron Judge is one of the finest hitters in baseball despite his recent woes. There are a number of voters who are trying to decide who they will vote for in the MVP race, and many of them may choose Judge because they see how important he is to the Yankees. Making a case for Judge to be the MVP is simple once we consider how much he means to this team. The Yankees have found their fountain of youth in this young guy, and he should be honored for what he has done this season.

They surged when he did

The Yankees played well when Judge played well, and they hit a slump at the same time that he did.

He has been the emotional leader of this team all season, and that alone could make him the MVP. The Yankees will likely sew up the wild card berth they have been destined for, and they will do so because Judge has started hitting again. It seems that every good thing the Yankees do is somehow tied to what Judge is capable of.

Everyone is watching

Judge has the eyes of the sport on him, and our attention makes him seem like more of an MVP every day. We can easily talk ourselves into the idea that Judge is the best player in baseball, and we could easily justify how the Yankees will become World Series champions because Judge started hitting at a pace that we have not seen. Anyone who has the hot hand or the hot bat is favored to win the World Series, and Judge's hot bat would be the greatest indicator of success we have seen in some time.

Judge seems to be solid

Aaron Judge is not loud or boisterous, and he does not seem to get too high or too low when he is playing well or poorly. He is a very good player who has the skill set required to pull the Yankees along, and he has covered up many mistakes the team has made this season. Extra scoring from the bat of Aaron Judge will make the Yankees' pitching woes seem much less serious, and Judge may well help pitchers get out of jams by creating extra offense late in the game.

The crack of the bat

Judge hit a home run on September 7th that sounded like an explosion. He hit the ball so hard and so square that the sound is memorable even now. Pitchers may have found many different ways to pitch to Judge, but it seems that he has adjusted because the way he hit that ball in the afternoon against the Orioles was savage in every way.

The sound of the ball leaving the bat can be demoralizing for opposing teams, and it is easy to imagine the Orioles being deflated on hearing that ball as it was flung across the stadium. That is the power of Aaron Judge.