Carson Wentz is one of the most improved players in the NFL this year, and he should be up for that award when the season ends. There are many people who will get better in the offseason, but this man has made a dramatic shift in his play because he has perspective. He knows where he came from, and he is likely willing to work harder than most because his path to the NFL was not charmed with beaches and easy scholarships. This guy has worked for what he has, and he is the kind of Working Man that fits in perfectly in a place like Philadelphia.

Philly should love him

Philadelphia is the kind of place that makes us all think of the Revolution and the working man who has toiled to grow America over the past couple hundred years. Philadelphia is a pretty gritty town that you would have to visit to completely understand, and Carson Wentz is gritty enough to be the quarterback of the Eagles. He looks like he belongs in the city, and he looks like he could be one of those guys helping put together a new skyscraper. He has been willing to work hard, and he vanishes to North Dakota in the offseason to be a normal guy. If that is what your life consists of, you will be an amazing player in Philadelphia.

He has consistency

The Eagles did not do anything drastic to their coaching staff in the offseason, and Carson will have roughly the same people around him going forward.

The Eagles have a very good owner, and they have been willing to wait for Carson to improve. They probably thought that they would have wait for a couple more years, but they have found that they have hope in this young guy even now. They may Scare a few teams, and they might even knock off one of their rivals for a wild card spot.

The defense

The defense in Philadelphia did not start well, but they finished well. This team found a way to adjust to the Redskins, and that gives them a lot of hope going forward. No one expects them to be the Eagles defense that had Reggie White, but we should expect them to be good. Coming back from an early deficit against Washington has ensured that the Eagles go into week two with the confidence that they need.

This defense has to get Wentz back on the field often, and it appears they can do that. The defense may produce more scoring because Wentz has more time to work the offense, and he will grow more comfortable.

Carson Wentz is in the perfect situation in Philadelphia, and he has proven that with a win against the Redskins today.