The Philadelphia Eagles have a sizable hole at running back - any fan of the team could tell an outsider that Ryan Mathews is not working out. The team is rightfully looking at the position in the upcoming NFL draft, especially since they have signed free agents at another position of need, wide receiver. A rumored name has been Joe Mixon, though, which may not be a wise selection for the team.

Troubles with Mixon

For those who don't know, the controversy surrounding Mixon dates back a couple of years now. In 2014, he was suspended and removed from the Oklahoma Sooners football team due to a misdemeanor assault charge.

He was eventually let back on to the team and developed into a talented rusher and player. His legal troubles were destined to return, though.

Earlier this season, a videotape of the incident emerged, painting a harrowing picture of what took place. Just like in the infamous case of former NFL running back Ray Rice, the video made Mixon look a lot worse than a simple police report did. He did not appear entirely repentant for smacking down a defenseless woman and some called for him to immediately be taken back off the field. He wasn't, though, and went on to declare for the draft.

Fit or fight

The Eagles have brought in several top offensive prospects in the upcoming draft for visits. The list includes Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook, two of the top running back prospects.

It's no wonder that they may be interested in Mixon, considering the emphasis they are putting on the running back position.

The team also has a history of putting up with personal problems. The Eagles famously gave Michael Vick his first NFL chance after his dogfighting scandal. But in this particular instance, it doesn't seem to make sense to draft him.

The NFL clearly has a problem with Mixon, as he wasn't even invited to the NFL Scouting Combine. He has yet to show proper remorse for his actions. Let another team deal with the potential consequences that come with drafting the talented, but checkered running back.