DeSean Jackson and the Philadelphia Eagles parted in rather strange ways but there is a chance there could one day be a reunion. The wide receiver is looking at likely being a free agent for the 2017 season and that could mean he'll be an Eagle again, though it appears his comments about wanting to play with a "great" quarterback might preclude his former team, at least for now. If the Eagles could find a way to bring the speed burner under their wings again it could change the dynamic of an offense that looked like it was poised to break out in the first half of 2016.

The possibility of going back

Jackson recently talked to Adam Schefter on the ESPN analyst's podcast and the wide receiver definitely seemed somewhat wistful about the possibility of making a return to the Eagles. "Starting your career somewhere then going to a division rival team [and] having the possibility of maybe going back. You just kind of think about all of that when you start somewhere maybe you could finish it. There is just a lot of speculation of a lot of thoughts. It all sounds good, but you really never know until the final decision is made," he said.

Jackson spent the first six years of his career in the NFL playing for the Eagles. He was cut by then-head coach Chip Kelly under rather dubious circumstances.

In retrospect, it's possible that was the first sign Kelly wasn't the man for the job.

Playing with a star quarterback

For Philadelphia fans, a lot of things would have to go right before DeSean Jackson was a realistic option. In the same interview with Schefter, the receiver said if he were to leave the Washington Redskins, it would be because he was playing for a star quarterback.

It appears he believes Kirk Cousins is one of those great quarterbacks. The receiver added he thinks Cousins has put up some "crazy" stats in the last few years.

In regards to the man who is going to be the quarterback for the Eagles for the next few years, Jackson wasn't as effusive, but he did have praise for the rookie. "Carson Wentz, he came in and had a heck of the year as a rookie. I don't think a lot of people saw that coming."