Boston College might well lose their game against Clemson, but they should not be anywhere close to competing with Clemson. Is Clemson having a down game at home, or is BC offering us a blueprint for playing the Tigers well? We have to assume that every team on the Clemson schedule will watch tape from this game, and we might find a way to contain Clemson. it might not help someone beat them in the ACC, but teams in the CFP could use this game to beat Clemson on the biggest stage.

Containing Kelly Bryant

Kelly Bryant is very athletic, and he is very much like Deshaun Watson in that respect.

It would be hard for most teams to defend everything he does, but boxing him in helps a lot. BC has been able to keep Bryant from running all over the field to make plays, and that has allowed them to stay in the game. This team has proven that there is a way for the Tigers to be contained, but the Tigers could turn around and respond with a new offensive setup.

Clemson needs to respond

Clemson needs to come out with a brand new offensive gameplan, and they need to be sure that they completely confuse their next few opponents. Everyone is going to want to give Clemson their best shot, and that is part of what is going on here. Boston College is giving Clemson their best game, but the Tigers were not prepared for this.

The Clemson coaching staff can use this game to show that they were not prepared, and I imagine the team will have a very hard day of practice on Monday. They need to be reminded that they cannot show up unprepared for any games at all, and they must be prepared going forward because this gets harder with every day.

The South Carolina problem

South Carolina is a team that gears up all year for Clemson. It does not matter what happens during the season because South Carolina will be ready for Clemson. Clemson could lose at the worst possible time if they overlook an underperforming South Carolina team, and that will send the CFP into a tailspin.

We are all expecting Clemson to go back to the playoffs but we are seeing a chink in their armor that they should not have. Dabo Swinney had all this time to set up a culture at Clemson, and that culture should include preparedness. We expected better against Boston College, and we are not getting it. South Carolina would take advantage of a bad performance like this.

Clemson needs to get themselves right, and they need to learn their lesson this week before they lose a game that they should have won.