Another great tactical role-playing video game that I got to play for a long time was “Fire Emblem Fates.” It was developed by game developer Intelligent Systems and was published by Nintendo. Here is my honest opinion on one of the latest games of the popular franchise.

Adding Japanese elements looked wrong to me

Do not get me wrong: this tactical role-playing game was great to play, but there were certain elements that made it feel foreign to me. One of those problems was the army that had a Japanese culture-theme to it, which was new to the franchise.

There were expert swordsmen and assassins in the previous titles of the franchise, but this felt kind of wrong to me.

Although in the previous title, “Fire Emblem Awakening,” had some Japanese themed characters also, it did not feel alienating. The main focus was more of an English Medieval time with knights, priests, and more. There were also Middle-Eastern themed characters as well like the assassins and such.

Recycled gameplay feature of future children

Another feature that I did not like was the relationships and their future children that fought with them in battles. This was first introduced in the previous title and that game made sense since it was about time travel. The feature in this title felt forced and it looked repetitive, which was a bit annoying and frustrating at the same time.

While their explanation did make sense, in a way I disliked the way it was done. Transferring their children to another dimension and get them after a few missions? It sounded absurd and it did not believable.

Tactical gameplay with more features

One of the better advantages of “Fire Emblem Fates” was the new features that were introduced.

There were two different types of armies this time around and each had their own versions of their jobs. It also introduced more weapons this time around and there were different kinds of maps to choose from.

The one thing I hated about the new features was the weapon durability, which was removed. Players could still use the same weapons over and over again without breaking them.

Only the healing rods have a durability factor, which actually made it worse.

Two armies with different themes also double the amount of weapons with the same uses. This made it useless, even though each themed weapon had different stats. This just made the weapons redundant, especially the common, purchasable ones.

The castle town was another great feature that added more depth to the tactical gameplay. There were many things to do as well, which made it different from other titles from the franchise. It also added more methods to improve the stats of your units.

Better graphics on soldiers

The good news is that the soldiers in this game look better compared to the previous title. It somehow looks full now (with feet).

The battlefields look better too with newer looks and with 3D effect.

Fire Emblem Fates” was one of the best tactical games to play, but it fell flat on some features compared to the previous titles. The first few battles made the game look interesting to play and follow through, but after many battles and hours in it showed its flaws. Sadly, I would honestly rate this game a 4 out of 10 points, but I would still recommend it to play.

Check out the launch trailer of "Fire Emblem Fates" here: