Lane Kiffin has created a situation at FAU where he can build a program that will be filled with talent that only he will recruit. You may not realize that there are many players who have been thrown on the scrap heap or sitting in junior colleges, and I would do precisely what I think Lane will do now that he is at FAU. Coaching at FAU is going to do nothing for him except intrigue another college to give him a shot where he is going to make a lot more money.

It would be a semi-pro team

The FAU roster would look much like a semi-pro team, and they would have more talent than any other team in their conference.

I could see them running through their conference for two years in a row before Lane decides to take another job. He is that guy who takes a new job every couple of years because he gets on everyone's nerves. He got fired at the airport at USC because they could not handle it. He got fired by the Raiders for cause because he was a knuckle head, and he got pushed out the door at Alabama because Nick Saban could not handle it. When you push Nick Saban over the edge even though you are good at what you do, you must be hard to work with.

The FAU program will benefit

FAU will get some exposure that they were not going to get otherwise, and it would be nice for this college to get some publicity that would be helpful to them.

I do not believe that they can make this last a long period of time because the program will only hold onto Kiffin for so long, but I think that he can bring in enough players to give the school hope.

He likes trouble

Lane likes trouble because he can go into a kid's living room to explain to his parents that they will keep up with him.

Lane wants to give these players one last chance to get to the NFL, and he knows that his profile will get the team on TV more often. A player who thought they were going to live out their days in the dregs of junior college could come to the FAU to get the press that they need. These players will grow as football players, and they can go on to have a career in the NFL more often than not.

Where to next?

I think that Lane will get some kind of middling college job that would be much more his style. He could go to the group of five where he could make a name for himself by going undefeated while being in the conversation for the College Football Playoff. That could be a place where he can fly under the radar a little, but he will still get the exposure he needs because Lane can never truly get out of the papers.