Mueller is becoming irrelevant. This is a question for all Americans. If we do not have enough to impeach the sorry remnant of a poseur president, then we deserve everything that is coming. What is coming is an incompetent turned dictator with his hand on enough triggers to sneeze and do us all in. This is the end of the rope.

Of course, we want Mueller to do his job, but we live in a leak factory and enough is known already to make jaws permanently dropped. There is nowhere else to go. Impeachment is justified by whatever reason Congress wants to give.

"Trump" and "reason to impeach" are interchangeable terms.

Look at this

This is not merely another sign of the rampant hypocrisy the president wallows in. Before this is over, we will learn that virtually every detail in the once-notorious Steele Memorandum is true.

Barack the restrained

Restraint won Obama the presidency, but it has not served him well of late. He allowed Senatorial racism to run rampant over him without being willing to go man to man and play the John Lewis sit-in card. Tim Geithner may have had his good points, but better politics would have been to shove a few of the key Wall Street criminals behind bars.

And he is certainly permitted at this point to say what he honestly feels about Donald Trump. He is helping keep the man in office.

The country is ahead of the curve

The country knows how crazy this all is. It also knew it was nuts not to do background checks and behave decently toward dreamers. The country would be willing to work toward honest bipartisan health care.

But we fall into dumb binary we-they logic -- always false -- in preference to what leads to actual good. A majority wants Trump out. A majority wants bipartisanship. A majority wants an end to confirmations of things we already know.

The country wants both him and Pence to leave the Oval Office.

GOP Representatives must break with Trump now

We cannot continue with this and we cannot watch the current drama devolve into anything that looks like Watergate -- an endless, but fundamentally harmless exercise of democracy. Nixon was venal and borderline nuts, but Trump is a proven maniac. He is maniacal toward enemies and friends, and toward himself.

Trump can be impeached, but the GOP is not moving a centimeter in that direction. That is criminal. It is as bad as not noticing the rise of a dictator until too late. We are that close to letting a madman have all the cards.