Vote! That is what underlies the present crisis. We are a democracy that has voted but now is ruled by a near majority but not quite. I do not believe we are as divided as we make out. What's to be divided about? We could create some hefty compromises overnight, send trump packing and get back to the business of evolving toward reason and justice.

But this morning what do we see? We see Trump joyfully evading Mueller by conning everyone into thinking he hates the NFL and the NBA. This is a game people. Mueller is sitting on evidence that Kushner and Cambridge Analytica and Russia are not fake news but the very heart of the Russia matter.

He must scare Trump openly.

Steele had things right

We are also learning that most of the Steele Memorandum which surmised the unfolding of a case against Trump is founded in reality.

We are watching the president succeed again in delaying doom, his own coming doom. Mueller needs to step up before the orange-haired one closes a few more doors to being able to touch his dictatorial enclave in the West Wing.

The great NFL NBA distraction

Of course, Trump believes that he is artfully managing to create a conversation that will entirely dominate everything as long as possible. The more he can look as though anything Mueller throws at him is minor, fake and a pebble in a lake, the more he can smile.

THe more he can claim he did have the biggest crowds and the most votes and the biggest victory ever.

Demonic childishness

The attack on those who protest our National Anthem is actually incredible progress. It is long past time to substitute America the Beautiful for the shock and awe imagery of bombs bursting in air.

Terry Southern could have written a no more delectable scenario than the one now unfolding.

If you have never read the wonderful text of the lackluster film, The Magic Christian be my guest. Here is a general intro to Southern. Your search fingers can complete the journey to the wonderful book.

Trump is an evil clown

The problem with Trump might be entertaining if his actions did not hurt and harm, threaten and scare.

These are not qualities you want to vote for. The fact that a minority of Americans did vote for Trump reveals the extent to which Southern was right about the trajectory of America.

Greed did become good. And Trump is the poster child for that meme.

Mueller needs to act now

We who follow things know what is already out there, Hundreds of my posts spell it out. Mueller must at least tell the world that he has some tough evidence. He has to surface and scare Trump out of office.

This is not a game of politeness or even smarts. It is a street fight and if only Trump is on the street he wins.