Republican strategist Ana Navarro spoke her mind on CNN regarding President Donald Trump. Navarro also blasted fellow conservatives because they are afraid to speak up about the behavior of the president. She was so overwhelmed that she said the President is embarrassing, shameful and disgusting, What a sad day in America to hear such descriptive words about the leader of the free world.

Navarro has been outspoken for a while

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Ama Navarro was very outspoken in her criticism of President Trump. She voiced her concern regarding all the crude comments he was caught on tape saying about women.

Navarro really took the President to task when he appointed Steve Bannon as White House chief strategist. As the POTUS began adding members to his cabinet Navarro said he was filling the White House with racists.

Navarro told CNN that by tolerating the President's behavior her fellow Republicans are enabling him to continue. She added that she was tired of the excuses conservatives were making for Donald Trump. One of them is that he is only responding to others bullying him. This is interesting because all of America can see daily that the president is the one who starts all the drama from his personal Twitter account.

More conservatives need to speak out

Ana Navarro should not have to bear her burden alone.

When more conservatives speak out against the unpresidential behavior of Donald Trump it will encourage others to stand up to this childish 71-year-old man. It's time for serious discussion within the GOP regarding the issues that Navarro is raising. Many Americans feel the same way. Those working close to the POTUS should stop covering for him.

They need to put the best interests of Americans before their political careers.

Donald Trump is not conducting himself as the leader of the free world. Navarro is correct in her assessment that he is embarrassing, disgusting and shameful. Americans should be proud of our elected officials especially the president. It has been six months and President Trump's behavior has only gotten worse.

Republicans need to take Navarro's words to heart and do something before it is too late. President Trump cannot operate like a loose cannon or a bull in a china shop when the entire nation is at stake. He is making America look really bad and it needs to stop. Donald Trump should be removed from office and America needs to begin healing.