We see the playing out of repetition. It is the binary message writ loud. Mindlessness is on the march for certain. But this time it will lose big time, Donald Trump. Yes. Listen, Donald. This is your problem. Repeating history is never good. It repeats patterns that were poison in the past. The biggest pattern of all is violence. It is the wretched faces of those who are left. It is the corpses of the dead.

We will only conquer violence by overcoming it within us all -- everyone.

Repetition as in World War Two

I was a boy in New York City then. I lived in Yorkville where the Brauhaus was.

I didn’t know there was a Holocaust. No one ever said there was. But as the years passed by I came to know.

But Jews were still called Yids and blacks the N-word. Repetition is a fierce and savage master. Its origin is in our thinking binary. All people with a mind say there can be no more.

‘Never again’ was on all sad. wise lips

But Holocaust-deniers have free speech. Just as Ivan did when he talked up his father’s death in the classic “Brother’s Karamazov”.

The tragedy of binary is everywhere, nowhere more evident than in the president. The lethal underside of binary scares everyone.

It is the face of fascism revived. It is the rightist volk party in Germany.

But violence and binary are linked terms just like Cain and Abel. Wherever sides are limited to two, death doesn’t lurk. it comes into play.

The Trump effect is lethal and unwelcome

Trump is a master of the binary, a prototype of demonism. The GOP lacks the courage to say no to him. He demonstrates it daily in his speech. Media write it down and binary chatter ensues.

Triadic is the only way past violence. Triadic takes a breath and thinks ahead. Triadic is the philosophy for everyone.

It’s Jesus in a nutshell meant for all.

Beyond creed is where we all should be

Triadic is not creed, it’s not a church. Triadic is thinking past just two. Triadic has no language, it is universal. It is peaceful mathematics. It is normative science.

Only a massive groundswell of nonviolence can stop the march of binary hate now. It has to win right here in the USA. It has to win in Germany and Europe. It has to unseat Duterte, and Putin and all others everywhere who treat people like dirt to feather their nests.

We can overcome with nonviolence

Nonviolence is the only option for homes that have been riven by domestic abuses. Nonviolence is the only recipe for a culture that manifests the high-decibel evocations of the binary protagonist-antagonist way of thinking.

Triadic is the only way of thought for universities locked in high-salaries and indebted student bodies and adversarial scholarship.

We should be disgusted when we see the problem for what it is. None is innocent. We are all fallible. We all must recover. We must all overcome. When? Yesterday. But yesterday is no more. So today will have to do.