Dan Gilbert says that he got a lot of racist voicemails after LeBron James called Donald Trump a bum on Twitter. The tweet was warranted, and Gilbert is either a bad liar or very out of touch. We are seeing rich white people scramble to prove to all of us that they care about social justice when we know that they have not actually done anything to fix the problem. Dan Gilbert had to come out and talk about vile and disgusting the voicemails were because he knows it makes him look good. Or, he is so woefully out of touch with reality that we should all feel sorry for him.

This is not about the voicemails. This is about a grown man having literally no understanding of basic American culture.

The voicemails

Gilbert said that he was disgusted by the voicemails, but how can he possibly think that this is a brand new thing in America? Did he not see Barack Obama take heat from everyone in the conservative media and middle America for eight years? Did he not realize that racism is literally one of the things this country is based upon? He needs to go back to school and take a history class. He also needs to be more aware of what is going on on his own team. This guy collects his checks and does not pay attention.

LeBron James

I am admittedly not a fan of LeBron James because he likes attention and approval more than he likes being a good person.

However, I certainly cannot speak on his experience as a black man. As a cultural activist, he is fantastic. He has been amazing this whole time since Trump got elected, and he has responded to every social justice issue perfectly. In that way, I am a very big fan of his. How can you, Dan Gilbert, own the Cavaliers, have this guy on your team twice, and not notice that LeBron is getting destroyed by conservatives for being black?

How could you not have known that people routinely yell racist things at black athletes? I bet you anything people scream racist slurs at LeBron at every game, and I bet it happens a lot in Cleveland. Have you ever been to Cleveland? It is not a very welcoming place. Gilbert knew, he just did not care to say anything.

Stop lying and do something

Dan Gilbert needs to put his money where his mouth is and create a business center around his arena that is meant specifically for people of color to open businesses and profit from the arena. If he is so disgusted, he needs to do that. He also needs to issue a formal apology to LeBron for being a complacent white guy who once ripped LeBron in the media. That would be a good start.