The Dallas Cowboys have had problems at cornerback for two years now. When Orlando Scandrick fell to an injury, Brandon Carr seemed to regress, and Morris Claiborne spent the first three years of his NFL career as a draft bust, things looked bad in the Cowboys defensive backfield. This offseason saw things get worse when both Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne left the team, leaving the Cowboys with Orlando Scandrick and second-year player Anthony Brown left.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had a great idea. Bryant tweeted that Darrelle Revis should join the Cowboys in 2017 and rumors started flying.

However, Bryant told ESPN that he had never heard back from Revis and there now seems little chance that Dallas will bring in someone like Revis at this point.

Dallas Cowboys cornerback depth

While the Dallas Cowboys looked bad starting free agency when they lost two of their starting cornerbacks to other teams, they rebounded nicely. On top of Orlando Scandrick and Anthony Brown, they signed Philadelphia Eagles free agent Nolan Carroll to be their third starter in the defensive backfield. That wasn’t all the Cowboys did either.

In the 2017 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys spent three draft picks on cornerbacks. Two of those players were taken on Day 2 of the NFL Draft in Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis and then they took a third with Marquez White.

Leon McFadden and Duke Thomas are also there to compete for a job as well. Do any of these players compare to Darrelle Revis? They don’t – yet – when it comes to Revis in his prime, but that was a few years ago for Darrelle.

No chance for Darrelle Revis in Dallas

It is obvious why Dez Bryant wants Darrelle Revis in Dallas. In his prime, Revis was the best cornerback in the world.

Darrelle will be in the NFL Hall of Fame after he retires and will go down as one of the best shut-down corners in NFL history. However, former NFL executive Bill Polian said that Revis is “uniquely unqualified” to start for the Dallas Cowboys.

Polian pointed out that Darrelle Revis played very poorly in 2016. The Cowboys like their cornerbacks to play similar to safeties and Revis has never shown that he can play that style of football.

While Darrelle is only 32, his drop-in production in 2016 can’t be overlooked.

Of course, if Nolan Carroll is suspended from the NFL for his recent DWI, the Dallas Cowboys will need a replacement for him. Instead of listening to Dez Bryant and racing out to sign Darrelle Revis, the chances are the Cowboys will just see if Awuzie or Lewis are ready for prime time at that point.