An FBI investigation has completely turned college basketball upside down, and that is why college Coaches probably are reconsidering their choices. Unless you are Duke, you are nervous. The FBI could be at your door at any time wanting to know if you have information on some kind of scheme that could be going on. It is really hard for people to get their head around how big this is because we do not know all the moving parts. However, we do know that Louisville has a new coach. This poor guy probably wanted nothing to do with this, and we should hope that he does not get caught up in this.

He would be safer in the NBA, and this really could be the end of the NCAA basketball empire.

Who would want this job?

I would not want one of these jobs if one of my assistants was breaking federal laws and putting me in a bad situation without my knowledge. It would be even worse if you sort of knew about it and did nothing. That would be hard for me to handle, and I think that a lot of people are afraid of this. They might want to get into professional coaching no matter what they have to do, and it would be so much simpler on them. You are not going to get involved in this stuff if you are coaching in any professional league. Even if you move to Israel to coach, the Mossad will not bang down your door.

Will more coaches get in trouble?

It is very possible that more coaches will get in trouble, and that could break down more programs. We have no idea how bad this could get as more information comes out. You know that reporters will go out and find even more information on these guys that you and I did not know. That should be scary for people who have been up to no good, and it could cause whole conferences to fall apart.

Imagine how many schools could be hit in the ACC alone now that Louisville has been struck down. They already have the UNC academic scandal, and there could be more.

What happens next?

The NCAA has to either make changes or the NBA will step in and take over amateur basketball. By that I suspect that the NBA could basically wipe out college basketball.

All the good talent would go to NBA teams to train, and college basketball would be relegated to the back burner. We just have to wait and see who makes the first move. Currently, the NBA has told all its players to stand during the anthem, but they could get really good results if they decide that this is a much more improtant issue.

We should wait to see which domino will fall first.