South Florida beat ECU badly by a score of 61-31, and it is a score that gives us an idea of much more comfortable Charlie Strong is with his USF team. The team has improved a lot, and they have taken to their new head coach in a way that should be very encouraging for him. Texas is not as good as USF right now, and that should tell us a lot about how Texas handled Strong, about how this is the right fit for him, and why he is succeeding in Florida rather than in Texas. No one said that USF would get into the playoff, but they clearly look like they can be very good for some time.

USF has an offense

Texas still does not have an offense even though they hired a great offensive mind to coach their team, but USF somehow is very good right now on offense. Charlie Strong is a defensive coach, but he might have learned his lesson at Texas. There might be a change in what he is doing that is very tangible, and that could be why he is doing so well. However, he could have just not been the right person for Texas. It is also possible that Texas is not ready for anyone because there is too much dealing and interference. That could make the team impossible to coach, and that could make USF much easier to coach. There is no pressure or circumstance at USF like there is at Texas.

USF plays all 60 minutes

Texas did not complete games when Charlie Strong was the coach, but USF is playing a full 60 minutes of football even though Strong just got there. That is something that strikes me because it tells me that Texas as a whole did not take Strong seriously. However, USF has bought into Strong in a big way.

You do not see this kind of improvement unless the whole school and program has given itself over to the coach. Strong clearly has the leeway to do what must be done, and it is producing results.

Perhaps Texas is in the way

Texas is in the way of itself. The school believes that it is above all coaches, and they believe that they are so grand that they got rid of Mack Brown before his time.

Mack Brown was the perfect person for Texas because he was not taking their crap. He never allowed the school to try to overshadow him, and Texas has doomed itself to go through a succession of coaches hoping that they can control them. It will never work, and based on what I have seen today, I think that it never should. Texas needs to fail miserably so that they can learn the lesson that they should have learned before they fire Mack Brown. Good for Charlie Strong. He got out.