LSU is looking really bad against Troy, and they are going to keep looking this bad until they have actually fixed their offense. The offense has been bad enough that we have to wonder if Matt Canada is even worth keeping around. We have heard all these good things about him, and there are a lot of people who are already calling for a change. Losing to Troy is going to make this season much worse, and they need to be sure that they have changed some things that give the fans some hope.

Changing course on the roster did not help

Changing course was a good idea for LSU, but they were not able to turn that into any results.

If you are losing to Troy at halftime, you are not in a good place. If LSU wins this game, that only means that they were deeper than Troy. You know why? Troy should not be as deep as LSU. That is a reality of life because Troy is just a little FCS team that is playing LSU to make some money. LSU is going to go on to play SEC talent, and it is clear that they are not prepared for the talent that they will see the rest of the season. Perhaps Les Miles did not recruit very well, and that could be why this team is not playing well. Or, they have a terrible offense that is not actually redeemable.

LSU is on a short leash

It has not been that long since they were playing for the national title against Alabama, and it has been even less time since they played Alabama basically for the right to play for the national title.

This team used to be very good, and they have fallen off about as badly as you possibly can. Something was wrong at the end of Les Miles' tenure, and we have to assume that it was a combination of recruiting and scheme. The scheme still stinks, and the recruits must not be there yet. All the great talking that Ed Orgeron did cannot go unnoticed.

He talked us into believing that everything was ok, but we know now that it is not. It is much more likely that the LSU Tigers are doomed to have a terrible season. They probably need to get themselves together, change their approach and attempt to make a change to the way that they play.

The SEC is too good for this

The SEC is too good to allow a team like LSU to even think of competing.

This team is bad, and there is not a thing you can say that will make them competitive in this league. Vanderbilt looks better right now, and that is an embarrassing thought for the LSU Tigers. The SEC that LSU helped to grow will chew them up and spit them out until they fix this offensive problem.