The Nebraska football team will enter its season opener with Arkansas State with no new injuries and zero players suspended. Following practice on Thursday afternoon, head coach Mike Riley talked to media about his team's final game prep. Among the most notable comments the Husker head man made, was that neither Stanley Morgan or Antonio Reed would not face any regular season suspensions for their mid-summer citations for Marijuana possession.

The announcement didn't come as a complete surprise as it seemed as though the Husker coaches were relatively happy with how the players handled the aftermath of their run in with the law.

Announcement continues no-drama camp for Nebraska football

The Nebraska football team's coaches have talked extensively during fall camp about the lack of drama that has surfaced, especially compared to past years. The Omaha World Herald reports that Riley said he understands that the lack of drama does not guarantee a successful season, but it's a pleasant change none the less.

In order to try and head off any drama that might come from some who are upset about the lack of suspensions for arrest, Riley tried to make it clear exactly why Reed and Morgan won't be missing time, without violating their privacy and avoiding specifics. "Stanley Morgan and Antonio Reed went through an extensive period of time doing what they were supposed to do, and it wasn't just the extensive time period," the head coach said.

"What they did, they had to do and spend time with it."

Nebraska football not injury free

The announcement that the Huskers won't be suffering any new injuries this weekend, doesn't mean they aren't a bit short handed. One receiver, Keyan Williams, will miss the season opener. There had been some hope that he might be able to play against Arkansas State but he was officially ruled out before practice on Thursday.

The good news here is that Tanner Lee and company should be able to put up some points against the Red Wolves whether Williams is able to see the field or not. The hope, as always is that the team will be able to put up plenty of points and go deep into the bench by the time the game is over.

Different kind of prep

One other tidbit from the post practice report on Thursday is how Mike Riley is planning on approaching the night game. The Nebraska football head coach said he and his staff will be more "dynamic" with players on game days than in years past. It's not clear what exactly that entails.