Will Tye is a New York Jet, and the venue has not changed for him because he was picked up from the giants off waivers. I have been listening to a lot of New York sports radio because it is, frankly, done very well. However, I have learned a lot about how all the franchises in the city tend to share more than we think. I have never thought that these teams shared that much, but here is another guy that goes from the Giants to the Jets or vice versa. There is a reason why this is, and I think it helps them improve over time.

They see each other so much

The Giants and Jets are sharing a stadium, and they are so closely linked that it is hard for them to not know what is going on with the other. They can easily see what is happening twitch their cross-town rival because there is so much talk about it. I believe that they just have that familiarity that will help them make the right decisions, and I think that the teams use that level of familiarity to make the right decisions.

They talk about it

The sports radio culture in New York makes it so that people are talking about sports all the time. You can learn a lot about the New York sports scene when you are listening to sports radio. Plus, you best believe that the players and coaches listen.

They can claim that they do not, but you know that they are listening. These guys know each other well enough to simply make the familiar choice in many cases. The same thing happens with the Yankees and Mets, and the exchanges are made at times between the Rangers and Islanders. It is pretty easy to understand when you realize that they are talking about it all the time.

Why take Tye?

The Jets are doing anything that will look reasonable in the press. We can all tell that they are not even putting a fair product on the field, and we know that they will do little things to make it look like they are doing a decent job. Will Tye is a good player, but he literally solves no problems for this team.

He will play this season, and he will be let go at the end of the year because it will be time for them to start dumping everyone as they plan to take a quarterback and completely turn over the roster. I will shocked if the Jets do not draft a QB, start over, and use only young players to build their roster. They will be terrible for about three years, but they will be amazing when that three year period is over.

The Jets are not really trying, but they want to look like they are as they share pieces with their friends the Giants.