Bayonetta 2” was an action-adventure hack ‘n slash video game sequel of “Bayonetta.” This was developed by PlatinumGames and its game publisher was Nintendo. It was also an exclusive for the home console Wii U.

The new sequel was directed by Yusuke Hashimoto and produced by Atsushi Inaba and Hitoshi Yamagami from Nintendo. Players will notice that the main heroine Bayonetta has shorter hair with a new costume with highlights of the color blue, instead of red. It introduced new gameplay features and new enemies, which made it a new experience for the ones who played the first game.

Short story as expected

Like its prequel, “Bayonetta 2” had a Short Story to follow. It was a breeze to play through and interesting enough to keep the audiences interested. It told the story of our beautiful heroine after the scenes that happened in the first game.

The game introduces new types of angels to fight. It also introduces a new type of enemy that was absent from the prequel: the demons.

Somehow, both sides were now hunting for the soul of our heroine and have already captured her friend too. She desperately flies to a mountain that could get her to hell and save her friend’s soul.

Action packed as always

This game takes a lot of the great features from the first game, which is a good thing.

It is still action-packed with new weapons, new mechanics, new enemies, and new allies. The first playthrough will force you to play Bayonetta throughout the main story, but there will be rewards after finishing it for the first time.

Unfortunately, one of the features that I loved from “Bayonetta” was removed: The shooting gallery mini-game.

There are now new mini-games to try out, but they are mostly accessed through the main story and not a separate feature. There are also new skills to try out, which can improve your gameplay.

Better graphics on Wii U

The video game is beautiful to play on the Nintendo Wii U, which is surprising for me as a PlayStation fan. The graphics are quite polished and the animations are well done.

The voice acting and the lips animation are all in sync, which impressed me a lot.

The angels and the demons are all well designed with their own unique details. The angels have heavenly designs that turn into gross beings after being beaten up by Bayonetta. The demons look so evil in their 3D model designs, which really confirmed them as the residents of hell.

New classic music

This video game also featured another popular classic track, which was the same with the first one. “Bayonetta” featured the song “Fly Me to the Moon,” while this sequel featured “Moon River.” The rest of the tracks were perfect for the game’s unique characters, and the story.

Tons of replay features

After finishing the main story of the video game sequel, it will unlock another character and enable the costume change.

It will also unlock the new Witch Trials, which will pit players with tons of enemies until they finish it. They can also go back to any point in the game and try to get the highest ranking medals.

I thoroughly enjoyed my “Bayonetta 2” gameplay, even though it was shorter than I really expected. There are still a lot of features to unlock, which are actually just bonuses after finishing the game. I can rate this game a 7 out of 10 points due to some weak areas, but I would still recommend this to other fans of the franchise.

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