Bayonetta 3” could be well underway for release in the near future while a leaked listing suggests a release of the original title on Xbox One and PS4 consoles. If these latest pieces of information are anything to go by, avid fans of the franchise are in for double delight treats from SEGA.

In a recent Twitter post, Platinum Games founder and game designer Hideki Kamiya seemed to have intentionally confirmed “Bayonetta 3.” Kamiya further suggested that the third installment will tie loose ends of the series’ narrative.

Sequel in the works

Apparently, the studio's founder tweeted about the third Bayonetta game in response to a fan who was curious enough to ask him if there’s an official name for "World of Chaos." Kamiya then told the fan to wait for “Bayo3.”

This statement from Kamiya does not make anything official just yet.

Until fans see an announcement trailer or a press release from SEGA or Platinum Games there is nothing confirmed. But this discussion with his followers on social media surely dropped a huge hint that the next title is on the cards.

In addition, the founder of Platinum Games mentioned about the plot of the next game which suggests that the studio could have already started working on its development. Obviously, the fans are raving about this tease in the comment section.

New protagonist possible

In his interview back in May, “Bayonetta” producer Atsushi Inaba revealed what has been going on at the studio in relation to the future of the franchise. Inaba said that the studio is in constant talk about the development of the third title.

Also, he talked about how the team is toying with the idea of changing the game protagonist and whether to keep the titular character or add a few new ones in the next game.

Bayonetta Xbox One, PS4 release

In related news, the original Bayonetta title may also be coming on Xbox One and PS4 following its release on PC via Steam earlier this year.

The latest leaked listing discovered from Czech retailers Alza and FilmGame indicate a “Bayonetta” and “Vanquish” remastered versions coming to Sony and Microsoft’s current-gen consoles. A recent game listing from Slovakian retailer EsteLacnejsie also shows the same information.

The pre-order pages further suggest the same price of $65 USD but the three differed in terms of the alleged remastered version’s release date.

The stores’ listings show that it will be launched in October or November, which could only mean a close estimate of a release window.

“Bayonetta” sold more than 100 copies in a week when it landed on PC platform via Steam in April 2017.