While most southwestern United States governors are deciding how they will respond to President Donald Trump's policies of exclusion and deportation of Dreamers, Susana Martinez, the Governor of New Mexico, is having to worry about her unpaid hamburger bill. The Governor, upon visiting a local burger joint restaurant on Thursday, allegedly crumpled up her bill and tossed it in the garbage. When entering the restaurant with one of her security detail personnel, Martinez reportedly asked for separate checks. However, after her armed bodyguard paid, the Governor allegedly left her bill unpaid and disposed of it.

Restaurant owner's response

Robert Gonzales, the manager of Five Star Burgers in Sante Fe, New Mexico, decided not to call the authorities to report a burger theft. Gonzales decided to notify the media instead. The determined restaurant manager told ABC News that the reason he notified the media was that he felt that a number of people in government service feel that they are "owed something." Gonzales stated that it was his "duty" to "stand up for it."

A real slap in the face

Gonzales also stated that he felt that the gubernatorial stiffing of her burger bill was a "slap in the face" to him and to the restaurant that he manages. Gonzales also pointed out that the restaurant is a "locally owned, locally run business." Small businesses in America, especially locally owned ones, are struggling just to make ends meet as it is.

In addition to federal income taxes, small business owners are having to pay a myriad of other costs that cut into their profits, such as property taxes, payroll taxes, Workmen's Compensation and in some cases, healthcare insurance for their employees. As it is already, small business owners feel like they are enduring a real slap in the face with all of these costs.

Needless to say, a burger theft by a non-paying Governor, who is the top elected official of the State, will raise the ire of any small business owner. The fact that Governor Martinez is not behind bars on charges of "defrauding an innkeeper," is due only to the kind-hearted graciousness of Mr. Gonzales. The slippery-slope governor may have to deal with the political ramifications of being a burger thief; but she does not have to worry about joining Rod Blagojevich, Anthony Weiner, and others on the ever-growing list of incarcerated politicians.

Jimmy Kimmel's lie detector test offer

Meanwhile, a little over a week ago, Jimmy Kimmel offered to give Senator Bill Cassidy, (R-La.), a free lie detector test. Kimmel was enraged over the fact that Cassidy had promised not to support any healthcare bill that excluded people, reduced coverage or discriminated against people with pre-existing illnesses. Then, on a later date, Cassidy became the co-sponsor of the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare bill that would have done all of those things that Cassidy had promised not to support. The Graham-Cassidy bill ultimately failed in the Senate and Cassidy did not take Kimmel up on his offer.