The Vikings should be very afraid of Adrian Peterson because he wants them all to get burned in the upcoming season. The problem is with the team he is on. They could be the worst team in their division, or he could Run for 2500 yards and set the league on fire. The anger is warranted, but I wonder if he can make good on his threats.

Why is Adrian Peterson upset?

Everyone wrote him off when he was accused of child abuse, and the Vikings were happy to get rid of him because they did not want the drama. Sam Bradford came in, and he ended up being the hero.

The guy that they just signed was the savior, and AP was not really given the credit that he was due for doing so much for the Vikings. He has made plenty of money, and they do not owe him anything. That is the reality. However, it seems a bit disloyal for them to cast him out so quickly.

Why the Saints?

No idea. I believe that they paid the most, but I also think that he was intrigued by Drew Brees. The problem is that you cannot run for 2000 yards if you are standing next to someone who will pass for 5000 yards. Those two things would win a Super Bowl on their own, but someone who does not want to share could tank that offense in seconds. I have no idea if he will complain about how the offense works, but I can see how it would hard for them to share the ball because one of them gets the ball on every snap.

How far can he run?

I think AP can run for well over 1000 yards, but I do not know if the Saints are good enough to help him have a breakout season. I know that he is going to the hall of fame, but I know that it is hard for someone like him to change teams. He has been running in the same system for so long that it could take a while to adjust.

Sadly, he does not have a while to use. He has to get to work right now if he plans to be effective over the course of this schedule. He is not getting any younger, and running backs tend to drop off when they get to age 30.

I want to believe, but I do not know if my belief is rooted in anything other than sheer awe. Please remember that AP came back from an ACL destruction after just a few months, and he ran for 2000 yards.

I have no idea how he did that, but he is the best athlete of his generation. The man has so many gifts that he could drag the Saints to the playoffs. Maybe he will go to the new stadium in Atlanta and chew them up. Maybe he will set the Superdome on fire. The Saints have infinite potential if he is playing well, but we do not know if he can or not. For what it is worth, AP, I believe.