NBA Commissioner Adam Silver believes the time to expand the number of teams will happen sometime in the near future. With that, many basketball experts, analysts, and even fans have already drawn up their version of an expansion draft. Some even gave their two cents’ worth on which cities have higher chances of making it in the NBA.

Silver noted that Seattle would make the short list of cities, but that doesn’t mean it’s already theirs for the taking. But what if the NBA board of governors decided to accept two teams and assuming Seattle will be given the first slot, which city could secure the second and final slot?

The return of Vancouver Grizzlies

Like Seattle, Vancouver already had its taste of being part of the NBA. However, the Grizzlies fans did not have a great basketball experience during the franchise’s six-year stay in this Canadian territory, failing to qualify for the NBA Playoffs season after season.

This is also one of the best reasons why Vancouver must be chosen. Plus, they already have a home, the General Motors Place. The problem is that both Seattle and Vancouver are geographically located in the Western hemisphere. Incidentally, Grizzlies current home in Memphis lies near the boundary of East and West, so they are an automatic candidate to become part of the Eastern Conference.

Hola, Mexico!

There’s a big basketball market in the south, something only Mexico City can provide to the league. It is home to 22.1 million people -- that's more than New York City and Los Angeles (as of 2015). Plus, the city already hosted a number of NBA games since Mexico City Arena was inaugurated in 2012. Even then, some NBA officials already hinted of a permanent expansion in this southern city.

The problem is -- U.S. President Donald Trump himself. Mr. Trump building a “border wall” and anti-Mexico stance definitely has chilling effects. Any plan to expand the NBA down south will only come to fruition after Mr. Trump’s term of office. Like Vancouver, expanding to Mexico City pushes one NBA team from West to East.

The Entertainment Capital of the World

Rounding up the list is Las Vegas, which is now becoming a new sporting home with Vegas Golden Knights making its debut in the 2017-18 NHL season on its newly constructed T-Mobile Arena. Plus, the NFL's Raiders franchise is reportedly planning to move in “Sin City.”

The biggest problem though is also being the “Gambling Capital of the World.” Remember the betting scandal involving Tim Donaghy? Other than that, having a basketball team in Las Vegas makes this city the total “Entertainment Capital of the World.” Like Vancouver and Mexico City, Las Vegas sits in the West, so this will push one West team to the East.