Tactical Video Games are one of the best games I Play and I always buy one if I find the gameplay videos convincing. I even invest a lot of money for its limited editions or collector’s editions to make it a more memorable purchase.

The question is: why do I play such a difficult type of video game? There are other genres out there that are easy to understand with quick gameplay and such, but I just find myself going back to tactical games. Here are my reasons why I do so.

Tactical games are like chess

First off, I really like playing chess even though it does not have a lot of options to choose from.

Do not get me wrong: chess is a very hard game to understand and master, it is just that I do not find a lot of variety in it. With tactical video games, there are a lot of varieties to choose from and it has better graphics too.

Tactical games make me think

In tactical video games, thinking before executing commands is a must, especially if your characters’ lives are on the line. Taking a look at the different options that you can choose from and picking the one that can give you the better advantage is one of the perks of these games. Players have the freedom to choose which items to use

Final Fantasy Tactics” is one of the best examples of this situation. One of my characters would rather defend to minimize damage than evade because the evasion rate is too low to gamble.

Or someone else would boost up his stats, which can make him gamble on attacking and pray that he would evade the counter attack of the enemy.

Tactical games can take its time

The best part of most tactical video games is the absence of limited time in the battlefield. I can take all the time I want in surveying the situation first, while the characters involved can wait until I choose an action.

I usually choose these games due to this reason and I can really take my time.

I can also take breaks from time to time so that I would not panic and choose the wrong decisions. One wrong move and I could flatline all of my characters in a heartbeat, which would be a big mistake. “XCOM 2” has this limited turns that I need to watch out for, but that is about it: turns, not a ticking time bomb.

I can check out the field of the mission, check the stats of my enemies, check the stats of my characters, and choose the next moves. If I get lucky, I get to fight another day and win more rewards. If I fail, I could try again with my old save.

Percentage of hits and more has its benefits

Another great feature of tactical games is its percentage values on accuracy, hits, damage, healing, and more. This is another thrill factor that I love about this type of game because it makes it more interesting to play rather than dull, bland factors. While most of the time it would work, there are rare moments that it will not, making it a challenge to watch out for.

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