For a long time, the United States and Russia have had different ways of thinking and different political ideas. Both countries have also had varying levels of economic development. Why can't Russia be like the West? The answer is that Russia is a European country, but it isn't a Western country. The biggest country on the planet spans Europe and Asia. This country has had a political system entirely different from the Western one, and the worst is that it can't evolve. Russia can't learn the principles of democracy so easily because for many centuries it's been an authoritarian country.

The Tsar has just changed his name

For a long time, Russia was ruled by the Tsars, and this is also true that many royal families have existed in Western countries, but Western Europe has had substantial political changes. Once that the Tsar fell in Russia because of the Communist revolution, it was supposed that no more royal families were going to rule the country, but it was a lie. The Communist rulers became even more oppressive than the Tsars, and they became the new royal family. Stalin was simply a man of steel that had zero tolerance, and he built a totalitarian system. He became a new Tsar and his influence strong in all areas of life.

A weak democracy

Once that the Communist party fell in the Soviet Union, it was supposed that Russia was going to become an advanced democracy, but it was a false hope.

Germany could evolve after the World War II and became a stable democracy. This change has not happened with Russia, where the Putin government has a lot of power. It's completely different from the American democracy or the Swiss one. Russia has a weak political system, and in such a way Putin is still a Tsar. It's also true that Russians live worse than in Western countries.

The Russian economy is different from the Western ones

We can see that even the Russian economy has been affected by the totalitarian way of thinking that has existed in that country for a long time. The Russians haven't been able to develop their car industry as much as the US or Germany, and they don't manufacture vehicles that can compete with brands such as Audi or BMW.

The Russians haven't reached the production level of cars that the US has reached. The same happens with many products related to Information Technology. Russia hasn't been able to create a company like Dell or IBM. We can say the same about the development of the services. Where are the Russian McDonald's or Burger Kings? Freedom releases the creativity of people.