final fantasy” has inspired plenty of fans with tales of courage, passion, friendship and hope throughout each installment of the series. Behind every game is a solid cast of characters trying to fight for what they believe in, despite the constant odds and obstacles stacked against them.

Each character is special in their own right and while the females are no damsel in distress, the heroes also shine in their own way. Through their ideals and courage, they find a way to inspire their team and press on in their journey. Here are some of the best “Final Fantasy" heroes that proved their mettle in the series.

Zack Fair

There’s no denying that Zack Fair has one of the most tragic endings in “Final Fantasy” history, but his heroic actions spurred the seventh game in the series which led to the downfall of Shinra. According to Screen Rank, Zack is a member of SOLDIER and was an optimistic person who loved helping and inspiring everyone around him.

Throughout his mission, he slowly began seeing the truth behind Shinra and even lost a few of his allies along the way. Nevertheless, he remained true to himself and his friends until the end and even gave up his own life just to protect Cloud.


Despite not being in the mainline franchise, Ramza is still considered as a popular character in the “Final Fantasy” universe.

Appearing in “Final Fantasy Tactics,” this hero was first obsessed with trying to uphold his honor, pride, and family name.

However, after witnessing a series of injustice and prejudice, Ramza slowly evolves from being a mere noble to a hero who protects victims from his world. By the end of the game, he valued justice and virtue over recognition which is what a hero should truly stand for.

Moreover, this concept of being an unsung hero plays a major concept for this “Final Fantasy” game.

Zidane Tribal

Most of Zidane’s back story in “Final Fantasy XI”m is kept in secret until late game so the player doesn’t know much about who or what he is. Despite his rather ambiguous lore, Zidane is actually an upbeat character and was a breath of fresh air from the two previous protagonists in the series.

However, after he eventually learns about his true status as a being of destruction, Zidane eventually questions everything he knows in his life. While it may be difficult to keep our life on track after finding out a certain part of out life was a literal lie, Zidane still managed to live by his ideals and virtues while fighting for what was right.