Xcom 2: War of the Chosen” is just around the corner, but there are already a few YouTubers that have gotten a code from the developers for reviewing purposes. I saw one of those gameplay videos that they put up and I want to give the fans of the franchise my first impressions of the game.

My fears have now put to rest

The first thing that I noticed in the gameplay video was the zombies that Firaxis Games added, which are called The Lost. I was scared that these zombies would be not scary enough because the purpose of zombies is to scare people and get them rattled.

Since this is a turn-based game, I thought this would have become obsolete because of its genre.

I was wrong that the zombies will not be scary enough. They really did have that scare factor, which made it hard to make tactics against these unnatural and random opponents. If players throw grenades, The Lost would get attracted to the noise and would appear out of nowhere as hordes.

In some instances, The Lost would also move instantly after a member of the squad would make their action. As the squad does something, they would approach the squad members slowly until they could hit them with a melee attack and possibly kill them. They can be hit with a headshot and that would give the members another action point, which is an advantage against the undead enemies.

Boss battles are better now

Another feature that I saw in the “XCOM 2: War of the Chosen” gameplay video made by Angry Joe was the boss battle against an enemy alien. It had a lot of health points and it had some Strengths And Weaknesses that I found familiar. It had the same features of the nemesis system of “Shadow of Mordor” with its Orc Captains that also have strengths and weaknesses.

This new feature is not a bad thing, but I do not know if it will have the same nemesis system too. The opponent also had a stealth system that was hard to detect and counter. These boss battles were pretty good and it did not have any issues in my opinion.

New allies

Two new allies were shown in the gameplay video, which were an alien traitor and a sniper.

It also looked like that these guys do not like each other, but they needed to be allies for a common goal. So far, these guys were strong and had special attacks that could be useful in combat.

The video ended with one of the allies being taken by the enemy boss that the squad defeated a while ago. Hopefully, the next mission would be a rescue mission or a boss battle against a brainwashed ally.

So far, “XCOM 2: War of the Chosen” is a solid add on DLC for the main video game. When it comes out on Aug. 29, I will make a complete review of it.

Check out Angry Joe's "XCOM 2: War of the Chosen" Gameplay Video here: