Hamas has begun to build a "no-go" zone along the Gaza-Egypt border. As the ruling party in Gaza, Hamas claims to have struck a deal with Egypt. Gaza's deputy interior minister, Tawfiq Abu Niem, suggested that the main purpose of the Buffer Zone is to boost Palestinian security and control the border between Egypt and Gaza. Hamas-affiliated websites posted images of bulldozers in the initial stages of construction on Wednesday. This closed military zone will span 100 meters (320 feet) in width and will extend onto Palestinian land.

It's a no-go!

Hamas is a group of Islamic extremists with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is based in Egypt. These fundamentalists promote antisemitism and Palestinian nationalism. They identify as Sunni Muslims and were founded in 1987. The future buffer zone will include a 12 km patrol road with watch posts, lights, and security cameras. The building of this military zone will force a lot of people from their homes. These families are said to be receiving compensation for their land and/or alternative living accommodations. The other issue that has been raised by some is the usage of the vast network of tunnels that run under the Egyptian-Gaza border. Hamas is looking to gain control over these underground tunnels as well as everything that happens above ground.

The Issue

President Sisi has been praised for his crackdown on terrorist activities. It comes as a surprise that Hamas will be building this "no-go" zone along the border. Two weeks ago, representatives from Hamas met with the Egyptian Intelligence Service in Cairo. The prime minister of Gaza, Yahya Sinwarread, was also present.

During this meeting, Egyptian officials demanded that 17 known terrorists be extradited back to Egypt for prosecution. The list included Egyptian nationals and active ISIS members. Security in Egypt has increased with the recent attacks of several Coptic Christian churches and civilian groups. ISIS has taken credit for these attacks.

Connections between Hamas, ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood are quite strong. The now banned Muslim Brotherhood found their way to power during the 2011 evolution that forced President Hosni Mubarak out of his 30-year reign. Free elections were held, and Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi was legally elected into office. He was in power for one year before General Sisi executed a successful coup d'etat, which ended in President Morsi's imprisonment. Rumors have circulated that Hamas is attempting to distance their political movement away from associations with the Muslim Brotherhood.