When I thought the racism subsided, it really only developed into a new Kind.

The Alt-right group protested on the University of Virginia campus with regard to the planned removal of the Robert E. Lee statue.

Their first amendment right

This group has their right to freely assemble and protest. As for the violence that ensued, I would tend to be convinced that was necessary.

Thankfully, counter-protesters marched in the same location shouting: "No Nazis, no KKK, no racist USA."

What is deeply troubling, however, are the chants of the white nationalists, "white lives matter" and "You will not replace us."

Whites have not been oppressed to that of their counterpart.

Blacks have constantly been bombarded with unjustified killings based upon the fact that they simply were either trying to make a living or reading in their parked car.

While the police were, of course, attempting to protect the Unite the Right rally, I cannot help but think that they would use more force with black protesters.

Many would like to know if the police were to act the same way if there were black people holding torches and protesting in the same location.

It should be noted that this particular college town votes the Democratic party which is why it makes sense that the city decided to do away with the Confederate statue.

Trump encourages hatred

Not surprisingly, President Trump does not condemn the violent actions of the alt right group until two days after the white nationalist protest.

Instead of addressing the white nationalists that organized the protest, Trump said he condemns the violence from "many sides."

His comment makes sense considering the alt right group believes that Trump's victory was a validation of their racist views.

Trump has questioned former President Barack Obama on his citizenship for several years.

There is a new kind of racism that is unabashed. Trump gave permission for racists to not hide their faces like they would in the 1920s where the Ku Klux Klan was at their peak.

It is not all bitter

Despite Trump's omission of specifically calling out the separatists initially and lighting the fire to the torches the white supremacists were holding, the neo-nazi sympathizer responsible for crashing his car into people is in jail.

What makes me hopeful is the Department of Justice is filing a civil rights suit against the white supremacist who plowed a car into peaceful counter-protesters.

To call the car incident during this protest terrorism is important and is one step closer to a more just society.