Gretchen Rossi has been very active on social media these past days, slamming her former costar, Tamra Judge. On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Tamra opened up about her parental alienation case in regards to her ex-husband and her daughter, Sidney.

She revealed that she had done a documentary about the experience and even spoken at a conference, where her father, brother, and her son supported her. But when Sidney learned about the things her mother was saying about the show, she decided to speak out. As it turns out, her experience is different from Tamra's.

Judge kept saying that it was her ex-husband Simon who had kept her from Sidney, but Sidney explains that it was Tamra's own behavior that resulted in her keeping her distance from her mother.

Things quickly went sour

Even though Sidney has not filmed "The Real Housewives of Orange County," she used Facebook to speak out about the case and fans were shocked and surprised to hear what she had to say.

Gretchen Rossi then decided to get involved, taking Sidney's side in the entire case. Sidney never reached out publicly after Gretchen got involved, and she never thanked Gretchen for speaking out. It doesn't sound like Sidney wants to talk to Gretchen about the entire thing, but one can imagine that she does appreciate not standing alone.

Tamra was furious that Gretchen got involved and some fans of the show or wondering what her motive is for speaking out. It seems odd that she would have an opinion about this relationship, especially as they do not speak anymore and Gretchen may not know the details of the case.

Campaigning for Bravo?

So why is Rossi getting involved in all of this drama with her former co-star?

There have been various theories about this, but Gretchen reveals that she is only speaking out because she wants to support Sidney and prove to everyone that what she has been saying the entire time was true. She wants people to know that Tamra is lying about many things, and her daughter is just proving this fact right now.

Tamra's fans believe that Gretchen is speaking out to secure herself a role for the upcoming season.

"Nothing worse than someone preaching at you that has no clue. Pure trash and desperate for a job," one person wrote about Gretchen, to which Rossi replied, "Says the woman who won't get off TV for her own daughter."

Bravo may like the idea of Gretchen stirring up trouble for Tamra and they may think that a confrontation will be great for viewers and for the ratings. But if Bravo decides to bring back Gretchen Rossi next season, it is possible that Tamra Judge will leave the show, as she may not want to expose her parental alienation case any further or risk the relationship with her daughter any more than she already has.

She has revealed that she was sad about what had previously happened with her daughter and she may not want to risk it anymore.

What do you think Gretchen Rossi's motives are for speaking out about this sensitive case? Do you really think she is speaking out for the sake of possibly getting a role on the show once again?