Bruno Mars has launched the new music video for his single “Versace On The Floor” in a slow jam version, featuring actress Zendaya. Just a few hours after its official release, the music video garnered more than one million views on YouTube.

Bruno Mars sets aside the dancer in him in the newly released music video of “Versace On The Floor.” Off his “24K Magic” album, the single is featured on the video while he serenades actress Zendaya.

A report on Rolling Stone described Mars and the actress as apartment neighbors. As the video opened, the singer played a short piano melody leading into the main song.

The video showed them sharing glances at each other along the hallway before they entered into each other’s room.

Rolling Stone showed the video with a purple-lit effect, and music sung in a “quasi-magical effect” on the actress living next door. Zendaya wore a glittering silver dress, with her hair straight on full bangs. It was even shown on the video how her gown magically unzipped on its own as she danced with the tune of “Versace On The Floor.”

Mars played his song on the piano as shown in most parts of the new music video. Zendaya jammed with the singer across the other room, mouthing the lyrics.

It ended with the actress dropping over her bed, and throwing her gown off the floor. Before the screen with “The End” text shown, a knock on the door was heard.

Hit song

“Versace On The Floor” is part of his “24K Magic” album with the songs “Perm” and “That’s What I Like” among others. Rolling Stone also reported that the singer recorded around distinct versions of the song, including a lounge version and “a more epic take,” before finally deciding to use the album version.

Mars told the publication how it was supposed to be a big ballad on the album, but it would dramatically make the lyrics slower.

There was also reportedly a remix of the same song back in July, created by artist David Guetta.

Philanthropic Bruno Mars

Over the weekend, the popular hit maker revealed his efforts to donate $1 million to victims of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The announcement came during his concert just around the area, another report on Rolling Stone said.

The earnings from his weekend concert will also be redirected to the Greater Flint community foundation, the concert promoter said in the report.

Mars is among the people and groups that have pledged donation over the crisis-plagued area in Michigan. Flint has been experiencing a water crisis for several months.