Skin pigmentation does not represent racial superiority or inferiority. It is simply some of our best evidence for Evolution.

Nowadays, even those who ignorantly believe they belong to some sort of "pure" race are just an amalgamation of genetics from here through back to Africa, or wherever it was we first crawled from the primordial ooze. The human race is a melting pot. We've been melting for a very long while.

Race is a stupid concept

The idea of a pure race of human is stupid on even the most elementary level. We are genetically human. We evolved that way.

We are evolving this very moment. That is basic science. Isn’t that a level of common sense that even a 13-year-old should be able to grasp?

A cat is a cat, whether it is a tiger, lion, or a housecat. Why is it so difficult for some folks to grasp that the same variation exists within the human species?

Dr. Craig Venter, the head of the Celera Genomics Corp. in Rockville, Maryland said, “Race is a social concept, not a scientific one.” There are certainly variations in DNA, but these variations are more akin to differences in fingerprints rather than something as divergent as species.

Evolutionary pressures colored our skin

Variations in a species come into play as a response to different evolutionary pressures.

The portion of our genes which express external appearance, the basis by which we judge race, is roughly .01%. That is a minute difference, to say the least.

People that have evolved and/or spent many generations in a very hot climate are more likely to evolve higher levels of melanin to protect against ultraviolet radiation.

In the same way, a species of prey is more likely to evolve to run faster or jump higher as their predators apply more environmental pressure, like eating them. The same relationship is had with the predator as the prey evolves to run faster, so too must the predator evolve.

Not race but culture

What does exist, in my estimation, is cultural difference.

And that has the potential to cause xenophobia, cognitive dissonance, racism, hate, sexism and even homophobia. I think it is because it is easier to fear and hate people than to embrace entire groups of ‘unknowns’ and/or attempt to understand them. Perhaps some folks are just not capable of that.

Or is it that, as a species, we need to war with one another in order to evolve? Since we have no obvious predators or substantial evolutionary pressures, perhaps fighting, bickering, hatred, racism etc. are appearing more frequently again?

Climate change

I think it’s possible that somewhere within mankind there is a deeply disturbing revelation; the climate is changing. Our planet is getting hotter.

We are living on borrowed time.

Could this restlessness, angst, and hatred be an expression of the second stage of the five stages of grief? Those five stages are; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. If we are, then when does the bargaining begin? And how will it manifest?