The (CCSS) Standards have become a matter of choice pertaining to the (ESSA) Law In Education. President, Donald Trump adamantly opposed ObamaCare, and surprisingly, he snubbed CCSS. But one daunting question remains: Will he use executive power to mark the new (ESSA) law for termination? In regard to the privilege of having an education, as opposed to it being a right for all to attain, there is, and there always has been a dichotomy involving the realm of education in this country.

However, there has been a significant improvement in increased graduation, as well as a decline in drop-out rates in our public high schools.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of concern about the continuing inadequacy of education being brought on by an even more inferior educational system.

Understanding three concepts

Hegemony is a term that is defined in Merriam--Webster as: “The process by which the dominate culture takes over and shifts the perspective from that of the minority group to the biased perspective of the majority group.” Moreover, Eugenics is a term defined as “A science that deals with the improvement of hereditary qualities of race and breed.” Both of these practices permeated throughout the United States during the early 20th century.

There were acts by Americans, and Nazis, to corrupt and convert the main principle of its ideology.

The science of eugenics, as cited in the film “Scientific Racism” was used as “a system for genetic, selective breeding of the races, and in which genealogical research was performed in order to trace heredity through blood lines for the discovery of tainted or inferior blood; the maintenance of originality in bloodlines, and for the eradication or sterilization of a bloodline or race.”

There is no doubt that the ritual practice of these concepts created a diabolical formula for racial repression in this country.

The manifestation of these two concepts boil down to the concept of Social Darwinism. According to the text "The Origin of Species," “a 19th century theory of Social/Naturalist Scientist, Charles Darwin; this concept was set forth to obtain social dominance over the races. Right here in America, eugenic laws and practices implemented in the first decades of the twentieth century influenced the much larger National Socialist compulsory sterilization programs, which between 1934 and 1945 led to approximately 350,000 sterilizations which was a stepping stone to the Holocaust.”

The effect on education

From the preordained notions of superiority, and mind you, the manufacturing and maintenance of inferiority in American society, the disproportionate roots of racism sprang.

Modern racism has deep roots in slavery, eugenics, sterilization, and race annihilation. History tells us that, knowing the history of how far that power has gone provides a context of understanding that must be appropriately applied in schools today when students are placed in inferior learning environments. Environments that are underfunded, understaffed, and are in deplorable condition.

Where are we today?

The perfection of laws in education in this country has been a never-ending pursuit since 1965. Now, we have the most recent bill signed into law, the Every Student Succeeds Act -- signed on Dec. 10, 2015 by President Barack Obama. It takes effect during the 2017-2018 school year, and it was designed as a more lenient replacement to the NCLB Act of 2002.

As stated in the 01/21/2017 edition of Education Week, “It reduces much of the federal authority in education policy, and it gives new advantages to states to call their own shots regarding everything from testing and teacher quality to low-performing schools.” Hopefully, this law will be the one to eliminate any future laws and be the one proven solution to justify fair and equal opportunities for education. However, some things never change, including the convoluted logic of some elected officials.