The members of Donald Trump's Evangelical advisory team as a whole has remained silent in regards to his racist remarks. Only one of them, Pastor A.R. Bernard had the courage to step down. There are several reasons for this silence of the lambs, and not addressing current issues speaks volumes to the church world.

The lambs are silent for a reason

Paula White said that she fasted and prayed for 3 months and the result was God telling her Donald Trump should be president. On inauguration day, Franklin Graham told the audience that the rain meant God was endorsing Number 45.

Jerry Falwell Jr. said Trump was an evangelical's dream. When these statements were made, Graham, Falwell, and White probably believed that the nation would be great again.

Unfortunately, all that has happened since November is that a lot of hate has been coming forth. And it culminated in the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. Jerry Falwell has stood by the president, and Bernard has walked away, but the other close to 2 dozen evangelical advisors remain silent. The reason is that they are probably astounded. These men and women who are leaders of the church were honored to be placed on a team by the leader of the free world.

They truly believed Donald Trump was going to make a difference in this nation.

A difference has been made, but it was not what the evangelicals believed. And now their credibility is on the line. It's one thing to give your opinion, but when you have hundreds, thousands, or even millions believing you are speaking for the Lord, everything changes.

The purpose of evangelism and the calling of evangelicals

Evangelism is supposed to be sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. When you read the Bible you will see that Jesus criticized the religious and political leaders and spent time with the common man. Evangelicals need to stay in their lane and stick to the calling they say they have which is spiritual.

Until now there have never been any serious problems with spiritual advisers to a sitting president but Donald Trump changed all the rules.

There is no doubt that many on the Trump advisory team are embarrassed, and don't know what to do about a commander in chief who goes rogue, and lies every day of the week. It looks like their advice, and laying on of hands and praying for number 45 has not been effective. The evangelicals are outside of their normal realm because Trump is off the charts. The silence of the lambs is because they have never dealt with this kind of man before.