There is no path to happiness Pisces, happiness is the path! Welcome to today’s daily Lovescope for Pisces. Your birthday falls between February 19 and March 20 and gives you a strong sense of what’s right and wrong. You will do anything you can to defend your loved ones. Today’s reading speaks about finding new ways to bring meaning to your life.

What to expect

Singles: Not everything can be great all the time, but that also means that when things are down, they won't always stay that way. Nothing lasts forever dear Pisces. The faster you learn to accept the natural flow and cycle of love, the faster you'll find yourself much happier and easygoing.

If you are looking for a new romantic involvement, then try somewhere that combines adventure and that touch of danger, like rock climbing or racing. This is where you may meet the person of your dreams. Today, give yourself a break and just have fun and experience that element of excitement that you’ve been lacking.

Couples: Today you may feel torn between the various parts of your life, including tension between your work and your relationship. If you need to choose between a Libra and Taurean, there’s a halo of mystery which surrounds the former and attracts you powerfully. Let your instincts guide you to something concrete and tangible! You need something deep and meaningful not shallow and temporary.

If you want to be successful both professionally and personally, give as much focus to your partner as you give to your work today.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: The day's planetary configuration brings with it a heady taste of freedom. Not a bad day at all even though it promises to be a busy, blurry, crazy day.

This afternoon you're going to feel like clamping on some earphones and listening to a pretty love song and singing along. The lyrics speak right to your heart and you’re thinking of adding a few words of your own and singing it to someone special. Scared that he or she hears your questionable singing voice? Then turn it into a poem and you’ll be just fine.

For those of you already in a relationship: There’s a creative energy in the air so you need to figure out how to put this to use. Your imagination's fired up so get your partner in on the project. They’ll be only too happy to be of service. Those going through some tough times shouldn't give up because better times are on the way. Second decade Pisces are caught in the midst of mental haziness. They’re restless and don't know what they want and so, risk getting nothing.

We thank you for allowing us to share with you today, your daily Lovescope for Pisces. If you’ve enjoyed it, please be sure to share it on social media and come back tomorrow for Monday’s reading.