President Trump is, once again, dominating the news for the stupidest of reasons. With tensions between North Korea and America at an all-time high, not to mention the recent attacks in Charlottesville, it is kind of nice to be able to criticize President Donald for something mundane like his spelling. It takes us back to a much better time when it was still possible to laugh at Mr. Trump's free-spirited approach to the English language. We still remember the day when the internet decided that, for once, it was fine to re-instate the grammar police after the utterance of the phrase 'I have the best words'.

This is no laughing matter

Kidding aside, these small jokes at President D. Trump's expense are far from a laughing matter. They are a symptom of arguably the biggest issue that has plagued his reign, and America, over the last six months - this is not a man capable of earning people's respect. Before jumping on your pitchforks and accusing us of being blind defenders, Donald Trump is the one mostly at fault. An organization is only as strong as its leader, and America's current poster child just confused 'heal' with 'heel'.

Anyone that ever worked with a company run by a joke of a manager knows how it can impact productivity. This is not about friendship or fear, but the belief that the time spent under that person's care might lead to certain benefits in the future.

Nobody likes to waste time, but it is the easiest thing to do when there is no end goal.

America on high alert

From the perspective of an outsider, America is in a constant state of red alert. Over the last few months, the focus has not been on the future but trying to preserve the present. In certain situations, especially after a tragedy, safeguarding one's basic needs is natural and the best option.

This is obviously a huge over simplification of the current landscape; but any entity, no matter how small, can only prosper when not in a state of survival.

President Trump's over-dramatic nature and inability to show even a semblance of subtlety forces mountains out of every single molehill. The media is partly culpable as well as it decides what is newsworthy and dictates the type of reception that story should receive.

Yes, a person is capable of critical thinking, but most do not have the time or energy to investigate too deeply into a given article. A simple headline is enough to influence the perception of an event. This is especially true when in survival mode.