Pastor A.R. Bernard is the first of Donald Trump's evangelical council to resign. Now that he has taken this step, others probably will follow suit. He told CNN that he felt more like window dressing that an adviser. And admitted that the president's statements regarding Charlottesville are why he decided to step down.

A.R. Bernard is the first but most likely will not be the last

Donald Trump has about 2 dozen ministers on his religious advisory board. Paula White and Franklin Graham spoke out against the racism exhibited in Charlottesville, without addressing the POTUS.

Jerry Falwell Jr. said he was proud of the president and did not mention the KKK, white supremacists, or Neo-Nazi protesters. Bernard is the first person on the council to step down. Initially, he could not be reached for comments, but the pastor explained his decision to Don Lemon on "CNN".

Pastor Bernard, like many Americans, were shocked to hear Donald Trump say those marching with the white supremacists were "fine people" and blame both sides for the violence that led to 3 deaths last Saturday. Unlike the others ministers on the Evangelical Council who are sticking by the president, A.R. Bernard decided to take a stand for his values.

Other council members will now feel more confident about resigning

There are probably other members of the religious advisory council who are straddling the fence. They do not agree with Donald Trump's statements regarding the hate-filled activities that took place in Charlottesville but are afraid to make a move. A. R. Bernard's decision opens the door for other preachers to walk away and take a stand for the values they hold dear.

This situation is similar to the children's fairytale "The Emperor's new clothes." Everyone knew their ruler had no clothing on as she walked down the street, but they were afraid to say anything.

A child in the crowd cried out that the Emperor was naked, and the spell was broken. One by one the people said to each other that their leader had no clothes on.

America will see other evangelical leaders step down, with each one giving courage to others. It is a sad day in this nation that such actions should even have to be considered. A.R Bernard had the courage to stand up for his convictions, and other religious leaders should do the same. As they all believe in the same God, and read the same Bible, their attitudes regarding President Trump's statement should be unified. Sadly, there is no unity.