White nationalist, white supremacist, alt-right, let’s call it what it is, hate. It does not matter what you coat it in. And as such, it is weak and dying. So maybe they are attempting a last blast attempt, or otherwise, this is simply the best they are capable of intellectually. The Alt-Right “free speech protest” that occurred today, August 19, 2017, in Boston, was a complete fail from my perspective. The white nationalists appear to have numbered a couple of hundred. They were so thoroughly outnumbered by the thousands of counter-protesters that the Nazi crowd appears to have given up.

Steve Bannon, the once and future mouthpiece of the Alt-Right movement, is starting to more clearly resemble the ignorant white trash that he has long represented. Having fallen from the graces of The White House he is no longer carried in its proverbial bosom. Yet instead behaves as if he achieved some victory by returning to his beloved Breitbart less 90 percent of his previous advertisers. If that’s success, I have some ocean front property in Colorado. Now, let’s recall the origins of the so-called, Alt-Right movement.

Alt-Right, Alt-Left. One of these is not like the other.

Alt-right is a term that was first coined in 2010, by white supremacist, Richard Spencer, and defined as “a movement based on White Nationalism and hard edged populism” by The Associated Press after the 2016 election.

Do not be deceived here folks, Alt-Right is white nationalism with a bitter candy shell. As I have said before, you can coat a turd in chocolate and it’s still going to be just chocolate covered feces.

There is no such thing as the “alt-left”. Ironically, it is a derogatory term created by the alt-right movement and is not known as an actual group to anyone but white nationalists.

It is used by Alt-right wingnuts as a derogatory term for their opposition. It’s the height of childishness. It’s also what we, as a nation, have come to. Our “President” is a petulant child masquerading as a man of 70 years of age, and very poorly at that.

White nationalism, white supremacy; different but the same

I saw a tweet today saying that there is a difference between White Supremacy and white nationalism.

That may be so only in the strictest of sense. These ideologies are like twinkies. Both are yellow and full of crap. They may be different in name only, two different lodges of the same fraternity.White nationalism is asserting “white rights” and, more often than not, conspiracy theories that the “white race” is being systematically exterminated. They call it, ‘white genocide’. They have a distinctly racist ideology as you can see. They are also apparently meek and cowardly.

White supremacy, on the other hand, is based on the purely imaginary idea shared by the first Nazi’s, that white people are genetically superior to all other races, calling them “mongrel” races. Some might say that white nationalism has to come from a belief in white superiority.

Certainly, most nationalists believe in white supremacy. One ideology seems gentler than the other. That’s deceptive at best.

They both stem from fear, ignorance, and hatred. They are both based in ignorance of basic science. And on the evening of Saturday the 11th, amidst chants of, “Blood and soil”, one might be reminded of the fantasies of genetic superiority, genocide, and world domination of Nazi Germany. If it indicates anything about any of the groups, it is that they all share in that sick fantasy. In other words, white nationalists, white supremacists, and Nazi’s all share a common end game, the superiority of the “white race”, and often at the expense of the rest of the world. Hate is opposed to all things good. It just doesn’t matter how you try to dress it up.