The NFC East is a hotly contested division, and the Giants and Cowboys stand at the head of the line. The Redskins could be dangerous, but I believe that this is a race between two teams with good offenses and better defenses. How will these two teams settle this issue? They will come down to their two best players. Will Ezekiel Elliot or Odell Beckham Jr prevail?

The NFC East has been always been strong

The Nfc East has long been the most competitive division in football because it has always had the same four teams. The Eagles, Redskins, Cowboys, and Giants hate each other with a burning passion.

They despise each other so much that it is an argument waiting to happen in every bar in America. Someone who loves the Giants will hate someone who loves the Cowboys, and someone who is in love with the Eagles hates someone who loves The Redskins. Those who follow football know this to be the case, and it is a point of contention on nearly every sports radio station in the country.

The Cowboys are better

Elliott will be out for six games unless his suspension is reduced, but I believe that it will not be changed. He has been tried and convicted by the NFL, and they likely did not even want to be so hard on him. The Cowboys are the finest commodity that the NFL has, and they probably did not enjoy causing problems for the Cowboys.

The star still has the better team, and they have the better offensive line.

The Giants have a great defense

The Giants have a wonderful defense that could stop the Cowboys from scoring, but this defense should not shut out the Cowboys. The defense will keep them in most of their games, and they must ensure that they have kept their offense on the field longer so that they have the chance to score more.

Beckham is a knucklehead

Odell Beckham is a knucklehead who is not even capable of making wise choices for the balance of the season. We are all aware of his recent injury, and his staring into the eclipse incident was reported widely. He is someone who will likely be the cause of his own downfall. The shame of this is that he is a brilliant football player who could carry this offense.

It could be just him and Eli Manning, but the offense needs some kind of hope. It is very hard for the Giants to have any future unless Beckham has one of the best statistical seasons for a receiver ever.

The Cowboys and the Giants will contest this division while Kirk Cousins and Carson Wentz are hoping to grow in their jobs.