A very happy Tuesday to you Aquarius. It’s not even mid week as yet and you already need a break. Oh boy. Your birthday between January 20th to February 18th makes you the mad scientist of the zodiac. Always up for a challenge, you thrive on novelty and hanging onto your independence, even in close relationships. Today’s daily Lovescope for Aquarius tells you not to play the field especially if you know that your affections are rubbing off on people the wrong way.

What to expect

Singles: You would like a relationship Aquarius, but right now, you want no strings attached.

Your agenda's a friendly one today, but someone else is hoping for anything except platonic. Why are they hoping for that when all you want is a little fun and temporary romance right now? Well, maybe because you drew them in seductively like you usually do without sticking the ‘heart isn’t open for business’ sticker on your forehead! Today, you need to straighten out the crossed lines of communication before things get any weirder and you’re forced to change your address and telephone number before next week.

Couples: Remember when the late king of pop Michael Jackson sang about healing the world and making it a better place? Well, times have changed a bit since then, but only for the worse.

The environment is still under attack and pollution in all forms, is the order of the day. You and your partner are earth lovers. You both go on community monthly cleanups to pick up garbage, you recycle and you use solar power. It pays to remember that this planet is not just home to you and your darling, but to millions of other inhabitants as well.

Too bad not everyone thinks that way. Today, why not look into buying a hybrid if you've got a car purchase coming up? It might be a small move, but small moves can move mountains.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: In the heat of the moment, someone might promise you the world, but not actually mean it.

Pretty words just sound nice to some people after all. Keep your head on and examine this person’s motives. Before you give your heart away, get a guarantee that this other person is serious about you and not just playing games. Your investigation will pay off, so fear not, Aquarius.

For those of you already in a relationship: Today will be a romantic day for you and your partner. Go for a buggy ride in the town and meet new and interesting people along the way. Flirt with each other like it’s the first time you’re meeting all over again. Love seems to be in the air and you are surely breathing it in. Use today to think about how best to continuously keep the spice in your relationship.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s daily Lovescope for Aquarius. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share your reading on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.). See you on Wednesday!