The Cleveland Browns are not going 0-16 this season even though they are a terrible team. They are bad enough that they will lose several games, and they will probably find ways to lose games because they are such a young team. They got rid of Joe Haden because they did not want to pay him, but they have Myles Garrett and Deshone Kizer. They have the basis for a lovely team in the future, and they will notch a couple wins this season just because the NFL is unpredictable.

The defense has the pieces

They have Myles Garrett on defense, and he will anchor them for many years to come given how good he is already.

Everyone who pays attention to football believes that he is the prospect they needed on defense. They obviously need more pieces, and they will continue to search for those. They may go through the season determining who works well with Garrett, and they will begin to make draft picks and signings based on that. Having a strong defensive line that features Myles Garrett will change the way the Browns play football going forward.

Kizer is the future

The Browns have made their decision, and they have shown us all that they believe he can lead them going forward. He may not start out well and he could have a bad season, but he will still grow because of the experience that he gets this season. I will be impressed to see him have 15 TD and 15 INT.

That would not be too bad, and it would be a point for growth for the future. They must develop their offense around this kid so that they can grow going into 2018.

They have started over

The Browns proved they started over by drafting Garrett, and they have a coaching staff that will remain for at least three years while they work with Garrett and Kizer.

These two players could be the Phil Simms and Lawrence Taylor of the franchise, and they could be the cornerstone upon which a much better Browns franchise is built. They are growing a better franchise, and they are showing us that they have made the right choices for the future. There are many players in the history of the franchise who have missed out because they were not organized properly, and they may give Joe Thomas a better end to his stellar career.

It is about time

It is about time for Joe Thomas to have a good team around him that has been arranged properly. The team has built something around him that is brilliant in its concept. They drafted a defensive lineman who will be good for the future, and they now have their quarterback.