Joe Haden is in a better place now. I know it sounds like he died, but he simply left Cleveland for Pittsburgh. The Browns cut him loose presumably because they did not want to pay him, and they appear to be cleaning house. Correcting the mistakes of many administrations in the past meant that Cleveland lost one of their best players. The Steelers now get to have Haden on their team, and they will see their defense improve overnight. It would be simpler for the Browns to keep Haden and build around him defensively.

The Browns have made many mistakes

The Browns have made many mistakes which include drafting Tim Couch, firing Romeo Crennell, and not investing in an offensive line to go around Joe Thomas. They have chosen a few good players over the years, and Haden is one of the them. They appear to be more committed to Thomas, and that is fine by the Steelers. They were not the only team interested in him, but they were the most attractive spot for the young Joe Haden.

He is a new centerpiece

The Steelers now have a young defensive piece to build around, and they have many good players on offense. They will continue to improve with a player that they were given from within their own division, and I believe that they can do something with Haden that the Browns could not do.

Haden is definitely in a better place where he can fulfill his potential, and he can now show us why he is one of the best defensive backs in football.

Pittsburgh will take care of him

The Steelers have a proven track record of taking care of their players, and he will not sit around with a team that is not planning to help him succeed.

The Steelers are always planning, and they never have down years. They may not be perfect, but Haden will be on a team that is consistently good. He will be with defensive players who are just as good as he is, and he will see talent on both sides of the ball.

The Browns lose again

I cannot see the Browns having any chance of stopping other teams if all they have is Myles Garrett.

The problem with leaving a rookie up front is that he has no help behind him. Teams will not be forced to respect Garrett because they can simply pass over him, and teams that play the Steelers will be afraid to throw the ball anywhere near Haden.

I want to see the Steelers now

The defense is going to improve so much that I believe they jump ahead of the Raiders in the AFC if they can get LeVeon Bell to come back. Bell must be with the team if they want to score, and Haden makes it hard to pass on this team.