It matters not to me how it transpired. The red-nosed festering troll, Steve Bannon, is gone from The White House. It’s not enough, however. The sole champion of fake news, Breitbart, still exists. Apparently, he has returned to them. The world now knows what kind of a racist troll and agent provocateur Steve Bannon is. Hopefully he’ll never sit in the White House again, or anywhere near it. If he does, it means that we as a country failed to learn from our own immediate history.

Breitbart, Steve machine, his weapon, and what he knows

Steve Bannon said that he has a "machine" in Breitbart, with "weapons." He also used the phrase “knowing what I know," which could be making a bold reference to using his top level security clearance and the information he was privy to under said clearance, as a weapon.

Could this be the "machine" of which he speaks? I know it’s going to be interesting to see how hard he falls. According to a Washington Post article by Abha Bhattarai, published on June 8th, Breitbart lost 90% of its advertisers. That doesn’t sound like something Bannon should be so proud to return to. But hey, if it makes him feel good, I still can’t stand it. But let’s glimpse this "machine."

It’s interesting to note that Steve Bannon is apparently fond of the book, “The Camp of the Saints," a racist, xenophobic, and paranoid novel written in 1973 by French author Jean Raspail. It was compared to "Mein Kampf" by Kirkus Reviews, and was praised by right wing “intellectualists” such as Michel Deon, Jean Cau, and Louis Pauwels.

It was described in 2001 by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “widely revered by American white supremacists." If you look at what Bannon has attempted, you might agree that he is taking his cues from "Mein Kampf," and Trump was nothing more than his puppet.

Alt-right, rebranded white nationalism, nazism

Its already been clearly established, at least in my mind, that “alt-right” is merely rebranded white nationalism, which is nothing more than candy-coated Nazism.

But you can coat a turd in layers of fine chocolate all you wish, it is still going to be nothing more than chocolate covered feces.

They have attempted to alter the image of what has heretofore been a murderous, racist, hateful group of people to begin with. It just seems that they have launched a weakly constructed, covert campaign to "take the country back." I think the answer is that they still want to live in a world more like the one that existed before the Civil War. As I stated, I believe their plan is/was weak, but that doesn’t mean that those involved do not need to be prosecuted for treason and punished accordingly.