The grand jury has now been entrenched to evaluate the evidence of connivance with the Russian Kremlin. The summoning of a different jury, suggests that Robert Mueller will make an extensive use of his office, which is right next to the White House. This assessment has tightened the legal string around President Trump’s hard-pressed presidency, for the grand jury holds the comprehensive power to issue indictments and subpoenas. The former FBI chief Robert Mueller is also one of the special counsel, who is investigating Russian intrusion in the US election campaign.

In Virginia, Mueller is using another grand jury, to get his group's requests approved for witnesses and records.

What can Grand Jury do for Donald Trump?

Scott Horton, a lecturer at Columbia Law School, said, that this set up will lead to criminal trials, against Trump, where serious charges will be pressed in the most subjugated dominion. The jury has presented evidence, which indicates that the inquiry is widening where special counsel is likely to explore the potential crimes performed within the Columbian District. NYT reported that Mueller’s investigators requested the White House, to release documents pertaining to the former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Flynn had reportedly resigned, after concealing his connections with the Russian officials, however, is under careful examination for his contribution to the campaign.

Meanwhile, senior Federal Bureau of Investigation officials, have been considering themselves as the prospective witness in the investigation of the justice obstruction. The former FBI chief, James Comey testified, that, he was pressurized by Trump to quit the Flynn investigation. Comey was terminated from his position after he refused to take part in Trump's plans.

James Comey, however, made voluminous notes, to keep the top FBI advisors, informed of the day-to-day developments.

White House, the budding crime scene

President’s lawyer maintained his unswerving statement, about Donald Trump, weighing-in on Trump Junior's meeting, with the Russian intelligence. In the meanwhile, Trump Junior told media that, he met the Russian lawyer, Veselnitskaya, to discuss an adoption program for the Russian children.

It was later discovered, that Donald Trump Jr, had in fact, met the Russian lawyer, to acquire disadvantageous information on Hillary Clinton. Authorities investigating the emails reveal that Trump Junior replied to the email, by stating that he loves the information. This act clearly, suggests an intentional conflict of national interests, like Trump’s call for Russia, to discover the missing emails of Hilary Clinton.

The Washington grand jury has issued subpoenas for the meeting that was conducted in New York at the Trump Tower. This is a strong sign from the investigating authorities, that, this investigation will sooner or later close-in-on the President's family.