Welcome to your daily FinanceScope for Libra! Astrologer Megan Wilson deliberates on what the stars have to say about your world. Read on to find out more as she reflects on how you can best manage the complications that crop up in your life and gives you a preview of what is in-store for you.

What to expect

The language contains a lot of shade and context, words can have so many connotations: good… bad. Add culture to that, and you begin to see a whole new level of subtlety and subjectivity. Who determines which is which? Is going after what you want wrong if others get hurt along the way?

Are you absolved of guilt if you take an offered shortcut? If forced to choose between being rich or poor few persons are going to claim a burning desire to live in destitution. Being rich is, without a doubt, easier; it doesn’t take being a famous person to know that. Why set the bar low if you don’t have to, aim high Libra.

Tension has become borderline overwhelming recently, coping is more difficult than it used to be. An outburst may be near for you. Those around you had best be warned. You are seeped in aggression, and looking for a likely outlet. Dear fellows of the second decade, you may sometimes mix up holy wine with vinegar, but you still have the discernment to become a champion, you simply have to believe in your capabilities.

Libra, your disposition towards enterprise and passionate vigor will support you in the execution of your financial targets. Setting SMART goals will loop naturally into your tactical approach to achieving success. Hard work is always called for, but you are not one to dodge the draft, tough measures serve only to challenge you to roll up your baggy sleeves and get cracking.

You will feel increasingly powerful and competent today.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Libra, be guided by the moon in your chart, express your heartfelt emotions and do not conceal what is going through your mind. Expecting too much from others in response would be a mistake, but you should not be given in any case with an expectation of receiving in return.

Impart your expectations, your hopes, and your nightmares. Bare yourself to the inner eye. It may be confusing at first to be so revealed, but you will feel a sense near that of tasting ambrosia once you let go of all your anchors. Inhibitions serve only to stifle your creative vibes. Fortunately, you are mature enough to let go of old outdated values and be forthcoming with the universe.

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