Whenever I see Donald Trump give a speech these days I just tell myself not to worry, that we simply have a child up there for a few years.The trouble with this is that there are people out there feeding on this childishness. Small-minded, racist, sexist, ignorant, uneducated, fearful, angry and emotionally/mentally stunted, these so called Alt-right, white nationalists take a statement like, “There was violence and hatred from many sides”, which our President made yesterday, as validation.

“Violence and hatred from many sides”

Those counter-protestors that were out there on Saturday were not extremists.

If you ask me, they were patriots. They were doing their civic duty, protecting the life, liberty, and peace of mind of all citizens from criminal and terroristic hate. We should all hope to have that courage.

Free speech is a right afforded to us all. It is a right even to those that speak hateful, ignorant, small minded, weak and cowardly things. But there are some exceptions. I’m not an expert in constitutional law. I’m fairly certain that speech is protected until it incites violence.

They chanted “Blood and soil”

These people were carrying weapons and chanting, “Blood and soil” which centered around Nazi ideology. Since we all can agree that the Nazi regime is most famous for torturing and/or murdering several million people, then maybe we can agree that chanting “Blood And Soil” could be used to incite violence.

Richards Walther Darre brought the phrase, “Blood and soil” to the forefront with the rise of the Nazi party. In 1930, Darre wrote a book called, "A New Nobility Based On Blood And Soil." In it he proposed a eugenics program, suggesting that breeding was the solution to all problems plaguing the state. This was likely a basis for Hitler’s extermination campaign.

Again, we can acknowledge that Hitler was responsible for a great many deaths. And using phrases like, "Blood and soil", while carrying weapons and wearing armor is terrorism

So when you hear the phrase, “Blood and soil!”, chanted repeatedly by Neo-Nazi’s, you can be fairly certain that it is inciting such an all encompassing level of violence the mind might refuse to acknowledge it.

It’s inciting genocide. I’m almost as certain that falls into the category of “speech that incites violence”. You can be equally as certain that those protesting in response were acting civically and patriotically.